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After more than two years of work, Detroit hip-hop duo Passalacqua and genre-defying electro duo SYBLYNG (Seth and Jax Anderson of Flint Eastwood) are releasing their collaborative album, entitled “CHURCH”…. Read more »

Bands You Need to Know: The Native Howl

Bands You Need to Know: The Native Howl

Folk-rock bandits, The Native Howl formed less than 2 years ago when singer-songwriters Jake Sawicki and Alex Holycross finally joined forces after years of making music in close proximity to… Read more »

A nod to Detroit music legend Don Davis

A nod to Detroit music legend Don Davis

Born in Detroit, he started playing music in the mid-1950s and after leaving Central High School formed his own jazz group, the Don Davis Trio, before becoming a session musician…. Read more »

PHOTO GALLERY: Temples @ Magic Stick

Detroit Sounds Like This

It was a great Sunday evening in Detroit.  We were invited to check out the band Temples, and they really knew how to draw a crowd.  For a Sunday night… Read more »

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Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey! Posted by October 2nd, 2013

Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!

By: The Dirtbombs

It’s no secret that Mick Collins and The Dirtbombs would rather not sit quietly in one genre box. Take a look at their 2011 release titled “Party Store”, rock covers… Read more »

Just Do It Posted by November 20th, 2013

Just Do It

By: Dej Loaf

Dej Loaf has achieved what many spend a lifetime trying to find: Their own truthful story.  In an age where the internet has both negatively and positively provided instant access… Read more »

Central Station Edits Posted by November 25th, 2013

Central Station Edits

By: Alkalino

Alkalino takes us on an edit journey through one of his strongest 6 track EP’s while disregarding genres making edits from Alan Parsons Project, and Mr Scruff.  The EP starts… Read more »

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